100 Precut Upcycled Tennis Balls for Chairs, Desks & Walkers

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RecycleBalls is a 501(C)3 non-profit, EIN# 81-4157244. 100% of the income generated goes into supporting our mission of recycling all tennis balls.

  • Protect Your Floors: Tennis balls act as a buffer between the ends of the legs and the floor's surface, helping prevent scratches and scuff damage.
  • Reduce Slipping: Helps prevent the chairs or walkers from tipping over because of the fiber texture and increased friction on smooth surfaces.
  • Save Time Cutting: It can take up to 40 seconds to cut a tennis ball for a chair or a walker. Let us cut them for you and save you hours of time!


Quantity Price per Ball Total Price
100 $0.49 $49
200 $0.46½ $93.10
300 $0.44 $132.30
400+ $0.41½ Contact for Pricing


Looking for a simple, cost-effective solution to minimize noise and prevent floor damage in your classroom? Our pre-cut tennis balls for chair legs are the perfect answer. No more struggling with scissors or blades to get the right fit. Each tennis ball comes ready to slip onto the legs of your classroom chairs or walkers.

Whether you're a teacher seeking to minimize classroom noise or an administrator preparing for a new academic year, Recycleballs can help provide eco-friendly tennis balls at an affordable price.


Based out of Vermont, our nonprofit is dedicated to providing an at cost solution to schools and nursing homes who struggle to afford regular purchases of precut tennis balls. Plus, once the balls are ready to replace, just send them back to us to be ground up and recycled into horse footing and tennis courts!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do these tennis balls fit on all chairs & walkers?

While they might not fit on all types of chairs or walkers, they do fit on most standard size legs up to 1 1/2" in diameter. This include the standard issue classroom chairs and desks!

But if they don't fit, don't worry! Our team is here to assist you with a hassle-free return or exchange process. We're dedicated to providing the best service possible and will work with you to find the most convenient and eco-friendly solution for pre-cut tennis balls.

What Is Your Return Policy?

All orders come with a 30 day money back guarantee, this means that if you are not satisfied with your purchase within 30 days for any reason, you can return your order no questions asked.

Can you provide W-9 forms or accept purchase orders?

Yes! We understand that some organizations require W-9 forms and prefer to use purchase orders for their procurement processes, upon request we can provide a W-9 form for your records.

Additionally, we gladly accept purchase orders as a form of payment. Simply provide us with the necessary PO details via email (team@recycleballs.org), and we will work with you to ensure a smooth and efficient purchasing experience for your school.

What condition should I expect the balls to be in?

We hand sort every tennis ball that comes into our Vermont warehouse to make sure we only sell clean, no trash precut tennis balls.

Our precut tennis balls are in B/C condition and are sourced from tennis players and associations nationwide, mostly coming from indoor courts courts and would usually be on it's way to the landfill!