Doggie Balls FREE SHIP & FREE RECYCLING support RecycleBalls nonprofit

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RecycleBalls is a 501(C)3 non-profit, EIN# 81- 4157244 100% of the income generated here goes back into supporting our mission of recycling all tennis balls in the USA.

Welcome to a NEW approach to buying used tennis balls. As a non-profit with a mission TO RECYCLE AND REUSE ALL TENNIS BALLS, we can provide an exceptional value for used tennis balls. We invite you to

consider these "no trash" balls and recycle them back to us using the FREE shipping labels available on our website at These can be in ANY condition.

Now you can feel good about your purchase, help save the planet and improve tennis! We even provide a tax deduction receipt for any balls you send back to us.

What does RecycleBalls do with the tennis balls collected?  

We collect tennis balls for the sole purpose of keeping these out of landfills and reusing and recycling these in a variety of ways.

Why do you sell some of your tennis balls here instead of grinding them up directly?

We do this with some our tennis balls to help satisfy a need from many dog owners and others on eBay that would otherwise trash tennis balls they have bought here. Currently, we are the only organization to provide

an A to Z solution for keeping tennis balls out of US landfills. Any revenues from these balls help offset our non-profit expenses towards promoting our non-profit mission.  

In what condition are these tennis balls? PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AS INFORMATION HAS CHANGED - The IMAGES ARE AN EXAMPLE ONLY - Please see our other listings for different grades.

****Our used tennis balls are sorted and graded by appearance.  The "bounce performance" of each ball will vary and is not the same as when new.****


Grade Primarily From Condition Brand Cleanliness Ideal for:
A Indoor Courts Very Good Mixed High Tennis Ball Machine, Tennis Practice, Chair Bottoms and premium dog balls.
B Mostly Indoor Good - Fair Mixed Medium Tennis Practice, Chair Bottoms and premium Dog Balls
Mix (B&C)* Indoor/Outdoor Good - Fair Mixed Medium/Low Practice, Chair Bottoms. A mix of Grade B & C Balls. Outstanding value. Perfect as lower-cost dog balls.
C Indoor/Outdoor Fair Mixed Medium/Low May include some mixed ball types and some softer dot balls. Great for dogs
D - DoggieBalls Mostly Outdoor Fair - Low Mixed Low Low-cost DoggieBalls - Mostly mixed with some lower pressure dot balls. Low cleanliness. Still have bounce and perfect as low-cost dog balls.

* MIX: Grade B&C includes a mix of the Grade B and Grade C tennis balls and can be ideal as dog balls, and chair bottoms. This is one of our best values.

Why have your prices changed?

We always attempt to provide exceptional value for used tennis balls. Our pricing is based on market conditions, ball availability and other conditions. We recently raised some pricing to reflect our costs during COVID and have also added volume pricing to keep prices low where we can. Prices will change without notice.


GO GREEN - How can I recycle balls back to RecycleBalls?

We provide an easy system that includes FREE instant labels and an automatic tax deduction receipt for any balls sent back to us. Please visit for more information and to recycle your balls.

How can I help this mission? There are a number of ways you can help. We are looking for new partners and volunteers. You can also make a tax-deductible donation.

Looking for a different grade? Check our other listings for availability.

All orders are shipped via UPS ground to a physical address within the contiguous 48 States only.   UPS will not deliver to a P.O. Box.